044 但以理書第12 章的两個數字


我的兒媳研讀但以理書,提出第十二章的两個曰子:1290日和 1335日、問我有甚麼特別意義、怎樣去理解?這两個曰子出現於12 章11- 12節 :[從除掉常献的燔祭,並設立那行毁壞可憎之物的時候、必有一千二百九十日。等到一千三百三十五日的,那人便為有福]。在處理這两個曰子之先,我們先查看它的上下文究竟是講論什麼?所以我把但以理書 12 章錄在下面。和合本的譯文比較難明,所以我選用了 Eugene  Peterson 的- The Message ,因它用的是現代英文,比較容易明白。

1        Daniel Chapter 12 (The Message)

我把這 13 節經文分為 4 小段:

1.1    第一小段 (1 – 3 節) – 神向但以理啓示末世的景況:

  1. 神的子民、生命冊上有份的,必然得救。
  2. 死人復活、有人得永生、有人永远沉淪。

1 That’s when Michael, the great angel-prince, champion of your people, will step in. It will be a time of trouble, the worst trouble the world has ever seen. But your people will be saved from the trouble, every last one found written in the Book.

2 Many who have been long dead and buried will wake up, some to eternal life, others to eternal shame.

3 Men and women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-strewn night skies. And those who put others on the right path to life will glow like stars forever.

1.2  第二小段(4節):世人瀕臨末世的反應和但以理對啓示的處理

  1. 世人会驚惶失措、想知道發生什麼事。
  2. 啓示只對但以理,天機不可洩、秘密要封存直到末世。

This is a confidential report, Daniel, for your eyes and ears only. Keep it secret. Put the book under lock and key until the end. In the interim there is going to be a lot of frantic running around, trying to figure out what’s going on.

1.3    第三小段(5 – 7 節);穿麻衣人的對話:宣告末世大災難的日子

  1. 經文中的[a time, two times, half a time]和合本譯為[一載、二載、半載]。這和第 7 章 25 節的[他必向至高者說誇大的話,必折磨至高者的聖民,必想改變節期和律法。聖民必交付他的手[一載、二載、半載。]、這也可能與啓示錄 12 章 14 節的[於是有大鷹的两個翅膀賜給婦人、叫她能飛到曠野到自已的地方、躲避那蛇;她在那裡被養活一載、二載、半載。]有關。都是論到但以理書的[七十個七]中最後一個七的後半部份。

As I, Daniel, took all this in, two figures appeared, one standing on this bank of the river and one on the other bank.

One of them asked a third man who was dressed in linen and who straddled the river, ‘How long is this astonishing story to go on?’

The man dressed in linen, who straddled the river, raised both hands to the skies. I heard him solemnly swear by the Eternal One that it would be a time, two times, and half a time, that when the oppressor of the holy people was brought down the story would be complete.

1.4   第四小段(8 – 13 節);神拒絕但以理的要求.重申天機不可洩

  1. 但以理不明、要求解釋。
  2. 神重申保密。
  3. 義人知道有末日審判、敬虔渡日;惡人一無所知、継續行惡。
  4. 神啓示两個曰子:1290 日和1335 日。
  5. 神两次打發但以理走。叫他安心.將來必得賞賜。

I heard all this plainly enough, but I didn’t understand it. So I asked, ‘Master, can you explain this to me?’

Go on about your business, Daniel,’ he said. ‘The message is confidential and under lock and key until the end, until things are about to be wrapped up.

10 The populace will be washed clean and made like new. But the wicked will just keep on being wicked, without a clue about what is happening. Those who live wisely and well will understand what’s going on.’

11 From the time that the daily worship is banished from the Temple and the obscene desecration is set up in its place, there will be 1,290 days.

12 Blessed are those who patiently make it through the 1,335 days.

13 And you? Go about your business without fretting or worrying. Relax. When it’s all over, you will be on your feet to receive your reward.”


2.1     關於但以理書第 12 章這两個日子,我查攷過許多釋經書,現在把查攷的結果分列如下:


1290天和 1335 天這兩段時期,可能指猶太人要受安提阿古更多逼害,也可能是預言末世要來臨的逼迫。

2.1.2 聖經研讀本(漢語聖經協會)


2.1.3 聖經串珠註釋本(中國神學院)

7、11、12節有關數字的解釋尚無完全令人滿意的結論。過於精細的算法容易流於牽强附會。這些數字可能是象徵性的[參 7:25,8:14 註)。[一載、二載、半載]、[一千二百九十日]預表敵基督逼迫的時期]、[一千三百三十五日]則指那直至大結局的最後時期。末期的聖徒須要極堅強的信心.凡忍耐到底的必然得救(參太 24:13 唯有忍耐到底的必然得救)。

7:25 註:[一載、二載、半載]是個象徵的數目。是神選民遭遇到逼迫的時期。他們受苦是一步一步的加深(應是一載、二載、半載繼續下去)但神縮短了選民受苦的時期。


2.1.4  聖經新釋(福音証主協會):


2.1.5  The Complete Jewish Study Bible(Messianic Jewish Publishers and Resources


2.1.6  The Jewish Study Bible (Jewish Publication Society)

Other time predictions are added. pushing the expected end slightly later than those that have come before. It is possible that the failure of the end to come as prompted have successive adjustments.

2.1.7  The NIV Study Bible (Zondervan Publishing House)

Apparently representing either 1) further calculations relating to the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanese or 2) further end time calculations.

2.1.8  Life Application Bible (Tyndale House Publishers)

12:11   The “abomination” set up in the temple refer to the altar of Zeus, where Antiochus Epiphanese IV sacrificed a pig. Some think it will have another fulfilment in the Antichrist and one of his horrible act of evil. However, this and the other predictions at the earlier part of the chapter may refer specifically to Antiochus Epiphanese IV, and the rest of the prophecy may refer to the end time.

12:11-12   Either these are further calculations relating to the persecution of the Jews under Antiochus Epiphanese IV or they refer to the end times. The abolishing of the sacrifice means the removal of worship of the true God as well as oppression of believers. There is much speculation about these numbers in verses 11 and 12. The point is that this time of persecution has an end. God is in control of it, and He will be victorious over evil.

2.1.9  聖經新辭典

在Antiochus IV(安提阿古四世)的一條目下有這樣的一段關於[但以理書中的預言]的陳述:[天使長米迦勒戰敗撒但的靈界兵團後(但12:1),為期三年半的大災難時期便要開始。這災難以受苦聖徒的身體復活作結束。雖然這大災難為期只有一千二百六十日(啓 12:6婦人逃到曠野在那裡有神給她預備的地方,使她被養活一千二百六十天。),但似乎那時需要有額外的三十天來潔淨和重建聖殿(但12:11 從除掉常献的燔祭,並設立那行毁壞可憎之物的時候.必有一千二百九十日;並且還要再經四十五日,才可經歷那千禧年國度圓滿的福澤(但12:12 等到一千三百三十五日的,那人便為有福)。

3.   我的觀察和學習

3.1  但以理書十二章是該書的最後一章。12: 7 – 9 提到[一載、二載、半載]和[末時],這都和但以理書的[七十個七]有關的。至於[七十個七]的解讀,我在[讀經拉雜談]的第 40 講[但以理書的七十個七]一文中有些論述,可以作参攷。

3.1.1 猶太教相信基督(救贖主),但他們不信耶稣是基督;所以他們認為基督尚未降臨,他們沒有新約聖經。因此.他們對[最後的一個七]解釋為[大祭司殉道]到[馬加比革命]的時期。

3.1.2 基督教教父對[最後的一個七]則解釋為[基督降生]到[基督再來]的時期。

3.1.3 基督教改革宗則根據[最後一個七]細分為[前一七之半]和[後一七之半];並將前者解釋為[敵基督的出現]時期、而後者為[基督再來]的時期。

3.1.4 基督教基要派亦根據[最後一個七]細分為[前一七之半]和[後一七之半];並將前者解釋為[白馬出現(啓 6:2)]的時期、而後者為[白馬再出現(啓 19:11)]的時期。

3.2  但以理書的[七十個七]共分為三個時段:[七個七]、[六十二個七]和[最後的一個七],但這三個時段是連續的還是間斷的?時段的起點從何時起計?經文都沒有明言。末時的許多細節、不但我們不明白,就連但以理也不明白,都很想知道(12:8 我聽見這話、卻不明白、就說:我主啊、這些事的結局是怎樣的呢?)。

3.2.1  注意神在但以理發間之前,已經告訴他[你要隱藏這話,封閉這 書,直到末時(12:4上)]。當但以理發問之後,神再次叮囑他天機不可洩:(12:9 他說:但以理阿、你只管去、因為這話已經隱藏封閉、直到末時);並先後两次告訴他可以離開 、安心等候結局(12:9 見上文、12:13 你且去等候結局、因為你必安歇。到了末期、你必起來,享受你的福分)。

3.2.2  聖經是神給世人的啓示,不是一本百科全書、用來解答我們的疑問、滿足我們的好奇心的。有些事神要我們知道、他會啓示我們、教導我們;有些事神不要我們知道,他就隱藏、封閉,成為奥秘。這是神的主權,我們要好好學習、認識和順服。

4.  結語

4.1  聖經有好些奥秘,神決不是故弄玄虛、而是有他的深意的。例如[末期]、也就是世人説的[世界末日],何時臨到?古今中外都有過無數的預測,言之鑿鑿、連年、月、日、時刻都定了;其中甚至有來自所謂教徒的!但事實証明、無一不是虛言妄語的!神為甚麽不明確地告訴我們[七十個七]每一個時段、特別是[最後的一個七]何時開始呢?如果我們仔細研讀過[十童女等候新郎]的故事,就會明白。神是要我們[儆醒]!天國近了、近在眉睫,我們能不儆醒嗎?老實説、如果聖經告訴我末期是在 2050 年,到時我早已不在世上了!還需要天天儆醒、敬虔渡日、等候主的再臨嗎?這會影响我作為基督徒的生活嗎?所以、我們知道:世界有末期、有大災難、主必再臨、施行審判、義人永生、惡人永死、敗壞的舊世界廢去、永恆的新天新地取代、義人與神永遠同在,安享屬天的福樂,那就足夠了!!!

4.2  關於12 章談及的日子:[一載、二載、半載(7 節].[1290 日(11 節)和 [1335 日(12 節),我的理解是:7 節說的是約略的數目,而11、12節所說的是精確的數目。猶太人的一年是 360 日,1290日是 3.6年、而 1335日就是3.7 年。這兩者的約數可以視為[一載、二載、半載]即三載半。約數這種用法、在我們生活應用也常有,例如:十年窗下、八年抗戰、百年一遇等等。所以我認為 1290 日和 1335日是末期[後一七之半的一載、二載、半載]這三載半期內的精確日子。我的理解是[大災難發生 1290 日之後,基督再臨、施行大審判;1335 (1290 +45) 日後結朿、就是新天新地了。下圖綜合了我的看法、提供給大家參攷。